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The IT Crowd

Did you try turning it off and on?

So, during the doldrums of summer, what do people watch? Why, marathons of TV on Netflix, of course! I watched all 24 episodes of The IT Crowd in a very short span of time after several friends and people on the internet were all, “Oh, you like British things? Watch The IT Crowd!” So I did.

First off….a laugh track?!?!?!?! I haven’t watched a show with a laugh track in a long, ¬†long, looooong time. I stopped watching HIMYM long ago, never really got that into Big Bang Theory, and most of the comedies I watch now are Parks&Rec and other things where there’s no laugh track. So that very first minute of that very first episode felt very, very jarring.

But, despite the laugh track, which I soon learned to ignore, I was pleasantly surprised. Have I seen ¬†better British comedies? Yes. Was it rather predictable? In some ways, at some times, yes. Was what’s-her-face-Jen rather annoying? Heck yes. I still really don’t understand the point of her character or her job. I assume she was our window into the IT department but then….annoying. Nor did I understand their boss Dennis (Dennyam? Don’t know, don’t care), the son of their original boss. I liked how he was wearing 70s clothes at first (open shirts so we could see his wild and manly chest, tinted aviators, sweaters, bell-bottoms, what looked like a lot of suede, etc), but no made comment about it (think of all the jokes!), and then suddenly the next season he was wearing suits. It was like when Ron Swanson started wearing suits and then said, “Eff the government” for the second season and stuck to polo shirts. But that’s neither here nor there. But also….it’s funny he’s a sex-maniac and has sexual harassment trials like it’s nbd? Um…….

Anyway, this is a terrible first post to start with…

The show was entertaining enough but I probably won’t remember it years from now, if that’s a terrible thing to say. I really, really liked Moss’ character. A bit like Sheldon Cooper but not as grating, a bit more sassy, and still lives with his mum. And I loved his voice. AND HIS HAIR WAS AMAZING.

I did laugh out loud at a bunch of things (watching it in marathon has made it a bit of a blur though…), but the show was funny and relatively harmless. The episode where Chris O’Dowd pretends he’s disabled at the play? Terrible. But freaking hilarious. I don’t think I stopped laughing once. And when Moss was the bartender at the end and Jen went along with it? Amazing. Horrible, but amazingly hilarious.

And then the finale just kind of happened. I had no idea it was the last episode until Netflix tried to play another show and I was like….huh?