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Moone Boy

If you haven’t watched Moone Boy on Hulu, do it now. You will not be disappointed. It’s hilarious, heart-warming in an off-kilter way, and just plain fun. Also: Irish people! (Who only got drunk in one episode? I’ll allow it).

Chris O’Dowd is Sean Murphy (good Irish name), the imaginary friend of Martin Moone, a weird little bugger who’s 12, has 3 older sisters (shares a room with one of them), and oh right, has an imaginary friend. Chris O’Dowd wrote it, and since everyone is Irish and it takes place in the late 80s/early 90s, I assume it’s based on his life: so Chris O’Dowd was a creative, weird little boy? Doesn’t matter, it’s funny.

I love the dad, Liam: he’s attractive in an older, slightly unmanly type of way. He tries to be the big man in the house, but as told in one of the episodes where he bonds with other fathers in town (they pretend to fish and play poker, in a predictable, yet funny moment), who have terrible children, his wife and daughter don’t respect him as much as they probably should. Also, he makes signs for a living? Sure.

Some of the funniest moments of the 6 episodes are when we see Martin interacting with Sean Murphy through the eyes of other people. He just looks like a crazy kid talking to himself. And in the finale (which was hilarious), dancing to a banjo that Sean Murphy is playing as they’re dressed like Girl Guides (don’t ask, just go with it, it’s hilarious).

This show could have just been a silly little British comedy, but instead I thought it was hilarious and looked forwarding to watching it every week and really wish there were more episodes. The parents are great in that they’re good parents but (as witnessed in the finale), they also lie to their kids: I mean, I know my parents have lied to me, your parents have lied to you…it’s just funny to see.

And the title song is fun: Where’s me jumper? Where’s me jumper? Oh no.

I also really like when they say “fekkin”. Gonna use it meself I think.

All in all: can’t wait for more Moone Boy! Go watch it!