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The White Queen Premiere

Disclaimer: I’ve been in a real big Philippa Gregory kick lately – I’ve legit read like 7 books in the past month because a) need something fun and easy to read at the beach and b) I DON’T HAVE A JOB. So, I’ve read The White Queen (loved it) and The Red Queen (Lady Margaret is suchhhh a draggggg), two of the three books this series is based off. (Still haven’t read The Kingmaker’s Daughter and now I see there’s The White Princess that is just waiting for me to read too wahoo!!! Seriously. I have a problem. I NEED HELP).

That said, the premiere was pretty entertaining. I mean, daaaaaaaaang, them bishes be SASSY and BALLER. Lady Rivers (Jacquetta, who is also the main character of Lady of the Rivers which is also a book I’ve read and actually a very entertaining one too (true love!) which I feel like should also be part of what the series is based off…) is so in charge and is so on top of things I just kept being like “ooooh SNAP” throughout the episode. And her daughter with the dagger? That was a cray move but King Edward (oh hellooooo, Jeremy Irons’ son Max! You’re handsome, aren’t you? Hey, nice buttocks) liked it. And at the end with his mom? That whole scene (and the one with Lady Rivers and Lady Margaret Beaufort) was so awesome. Like, CRAZY AWESOME. Like, that could have been the whole episode and I would have enjoyed it. Like, man I don’t even know. It was just baller.

These women are AWESOME and I’m glad there’s another show out there where the women are clearly in charge and are awesome (along with Game of Thrones and stuff, ya dig?). Like, yea, the men totes fight on the battlefield, but the women are the ones really in charge. Did you see the way Lady Rivers put her husband in check? Well, done.

And I love a show that has James Frain being sassy. Love that man. I mean, have you seen this? Quite possibly one of the best parts of True Blood, without a doubt.

Pretty excited for the next 9 episodes. If nothing else, it’s entertaining. And, I mean, nekkid people! But also: you learn! War of the Roses, bro! It seriously happened! Yorks vs. Lancasters….and I’m in a Wikipedia hole now, as I always am after/whilst reading a Philippa Gregory novel….damn.