Queen B

Aloooooha y’all! I’m Queen Bee and this is my TV Round-Up Blog! I watch a lot of TV (and even movies!) and now ima blog about it! Like, I watch a lot. Like, an unhealthy and rather disgustingly amount. And I only watch it online because I’m a poor grad student (currently, for a few more weeks until I’m just poor and unemployed) and can’t afford tv/cable….but thank goodness for the internets! Thanks, Al Gore!

I watch a lot of shows on Hulu, Netflix, HBOGo, etc etc etc. If I don’t blog about it, I ain’t watching it. But I probably still know something about it! Because I’m also a walking IMDb. Invite me to your trivia nights!

I know a lot of pop culture, TV and movies, etc etc etc so let’s hang out, shall we? I promise I’m fun!!


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